Porto Business School is located close to several city accesses and transportation, from the Francisco Sá Carneiro International Airport to the metro station of Sete Bicas (2 minutes walking distance to the conference venue).


By metro


Lines A, B, C and E (Blue, Red, Green and e Purple) - Sete Bicas station

Delegates coming from the airport should expect an 8 minutes walk from the airport (line E) to the airport station. 


By taxi

Delegates who wish to book a taxi in advance are advised to contact one of the following certified companies: Taxis Invicta, Raditaxis or Taxis Porto. The approximate charge from Francisco Sá Carneiro International Airport should not go over €20.


By road (GPS coordinates)

Latitude: 41.1831382 (41° 10' 59.298'' N)
Longitude: -8.6535313 (8° 39' 12.712'' O)



Metro is your best choice

Nowadays, this is the most common way for travelling in Porto. With a few different lines, the network covers many areas of the city and even different counties. Carriages are clean and comfortable and equipped with air-conditioning. Most of the lines run above the ground (and not underground like in many world cities), so the journeys become very pleasant and not claustrophobic.

Finding a station Many of the stations are on the street level and have absolutely no barriers to get in. To travel on the Metro one just needs to have a card called “Andante”. This card must be validated before getting on the train.

Buying “Andante” card At the Airport, train or Metro Stations, but also at pay shop agents and automatic machines - most of them at the stations themselves. The Andante card costs €0,50. The card can be recharged with as many journeys as needed. One journey costs €1,20.

Picking the right direction All stations are equipped with an electronic display showing the final destination and the estimated arrival time of the train. The indoor stations have signs close to the staircases with the correspondent letter of the line. These are the lines:
“A” line (blue): Senhor de Matosinhos - Estágio do Dragão.
“B” line (red): Póvoa de Varzim - Estádio do Dragão
“C” line (green): ISMAI - Campanhã
“D” line (yellow): Hospital de São João - Santo Ovídio
“E” line (purple): Airport - Estádio do Dragão
“F” line (orange): Senhora da Hora - Fanzeres

Ticket validation Tickets are valid for 1 hour after validation, but every time one change lines a new validation is needed on the automatic yellow machines before entering the train.