Publication Opportunities in Journal of Corporate Finance

Journal of Corporate Finance Combined Submission Option

At the authors’ option, papers that become finalists for acceptance to the conference can be considered for publication at the Journal of Corporate Finance (JCF).

The rules for the dual submission process are as follows:

1. Authors must expressly indicate interest in consideration by the JCF.

2. At the discretion of the JCF Sponsoring Editor, papers that are among the final group of manuscripts considered for acceptance to the conference will be invited to submit to the JCF. At that time authors will be asked to pay a standard submission fee, and the submission will be formally reviewed. In these cases, authors will receive a copy of the JCF reviewer report(s).

3. Papers submitted for dual consideration must not be under review at another journal or the JCF, nor can they be considered for dual submission if previously rejected by the JCF.

4. In the event that a dual submission that has been invited to submit to the JCF is subsequently rejected, its authors have the option to submit a future version of their paper to the JCF without prejudice.

5. While under consideration as a dual submission by the Conference and the JCF, a paper may not be submitted to another journal (or the JCF) until the author has been notified of the dual submission outcome.