Our Mission

IFABS aims to promote excellence in the main fields of contemporary banking and finance research by;

  • providing a forum for discussion, critical analysis and networking among academics, research students, policy-makers, and practitioners with interest in contemporary issues in banking and finance
  • encouraging and supporting high quality banking and finance education
  • sponsoring annual international conferences that provide opportunity to present research and exchange ideas
  • providing seminars & workshops on current banking and finance topics

Who we are

IFABS serves as a focal point of communication for its members residing in Europe and abroad.

The aim of the Society is to provide a professional society for academics and practitioners with an interest in in contemporary banking and finance research. IFABS provides a framework for better dissemination of information and exchange at the international level.

What we do

From its inception, the Society has been active in increasing its visibility in an international context by:

  • attracting more than 2000 members which include researchers from academia and policy makers;
  • organizing 5 annual international conferences in Leicester, Crete, Rome, Valencia and Nottingham with distinguished keynote speakers and scientific committee members;
  • having the support of a number of professional bodies
  • attracting high-quality special issues in a number of journals including Journal of Banking and Finance, Journal of Productivity Analysis, European Journal of Operational Research , and International Journal of Banking, Accounting and Finance; and
  • IFABS Fellowships, Pre-Conference Doctoral Training, special themed sessions and panels, PhD and Young Researchers' Sessions with senior discussants and encouraging promising researchers with best paper awards.