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The fees are for non-academics delegates e.g., researchers from central banks; international organisations or industry

The fees apply to the delegates regardless of whether there is a second affiliation with an academic institution as a member of staff or as a student. 



The fees are for Postgraduate research students affiliated with Higher Education institutions. 



The fees are for academics affiliated with  Higher Education Institutions only.

Registration Fees

Early Registration Fees (25 April - 7 May 2023)

Closeup of eating dinner

Gala dinner & Awards

Ceremony will be held on 25th July at the historical St Hilda’s College, University of Oxford, Oxford OX4 1DY.

Gala dinner fees are fixed for all delegates

Late Registration Fees (8 May - 20 May 2023)

Non-academics               £600

Academics                       £500

Students                           £450
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